We need your passion
to do wonders!

XendNow is a local startup on a mission to enhance the quality of courier service for the people in Malaysia. As such, we need people with the right experience, skill set and passion to make this dream a reality. If you meet the requirements and are up to the challenge, we welcome you to join us to do wonders!

We are always tinkering with ideas and experimenting with new methods and processes to get things done more effectively as well as creatively.

We look inside and outside for inspiration. Hence, we encourage those that seek knowledge and experience for personal development and for the good of the company.

We understand that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why we have a range of activities and facilities to help you unwind after a long day at the office.

What awaits you –
The Benefits & Perks

Besides a competitive salary, we offer a well-balanced work environment complemented with a slew of employee benefits including an attractive reward package in recognition to your contribution to the company:

Attractive Remuneration

Yearly Performance Bonus
& Salary Increment

Free training for personal and leadership development

Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance

Panel clinic consultation & medication

Employee Discount Buy

Company Annual Dinner & Annual Trip

On-site Cafe @ HQ

Interested in being part of our family?

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Culture & Values

We strongly believe great workplace able to deliver happiness not just to our customers, but our people too. We are committed to cultivate positive shared value become our way of life, to nurture workplace happiness and developing our talents.
Our Core Values:

We treat everyone with RESPECT

We are dedicated to create a workplace that everyone respect and values people from diverse backgrounds, treat everyone with dignity and politeness to make them feel important.

We provide FAST RESPONSE to our customer's

We are committed to provide fast response and action, to exceeds our customers expectations. Every individuals is the driving force behind XendNow, come rain or shine, our passionate team will do whatever it takes to make our customer's smile.

We LOVE what we do

“OMG, I love what I do!” When we do what we love, everything that we do, we will do it with our hearts. “To my customers and teammates, I may not have all the answer, but I will take extra effort to find it and deliver more than expected”.

We nurture Service EXCELLENCE

“Customer doesn’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” – Donald Porter. We not only get things done, we will ensure we do the right thing, and we do it GREAT, to satisfy our customer's.

We Embrace CHANGE

We believe, what works in the past years, might not bring positive result now! If it does not add value, we need to change it! We encourage everyone to change, be creative and always find new way of doing things, for continuous improvement.

We Adopt Continuous Learning “Learn Everyday”

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and improve your skills when you work with us. We encourage continuous upgrade in knowledge and skills development of our people to stay competitive.

We Appreciating and Rewarding "A Job well done"

We reward individual for their outstanding contribution and excellent performance.

Living Healthy Lifestyle

We take work life balance seriously. We believe in after work fitness activities. We offer our employees, our on-site in-house Sports Center, located just 3 minutes walking distance from head office. From badminton to gym or yoga to zumba, to let you unwind after work.

Giving back to Communities

We create job opportunity, we collaborate with other business partner, we help improve the lives of community around us. We encourage employee to allocate a specific amount of time each year for volunteer work, to help boosts employee's morale and bring positive impact in every individual, and lasting impact to community.