• How do I contact XendNow?
You can contact us in the following ways:
(a) Phone line: 012 429 8650
(b) Email:
Please note our working hours are Monday-Friday, 8.30am-6pm.

  • What kind of items can't be shipped using XendNow?
Kindly refer to our Prohibited Items List.

  • Is the information I provide XendNow secure?
XendNow is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. Kindly view our Privacy Policy here.

  • Which weight should I use / How will you charge me: By actual weight or volumetric weight?
To get the actual charge for your shipment, you need to input the actual weight as well as the volumetric dimension of your package. We will charge you according to whichever weight is the highest. However, final weight will be determined by XENDNOW and we will notify customer if there are any additional charges to be imposed. XENDNOW has the right to hold the shipment until the payment for the additional charges has been made.

  • What should I do if no one comes to pick up my shipment?
Give us a call at 012 429 8650 for assistance. You can also whatsapp us at that number, or email us at Kindly provide your tracking number when you do.

  • What are the delivery options offered by XendNow?
Currently, we offer Door to Door pick up and delivery, whereby we pick up parcel from the sender's address and deliver directly to the receiver's address. Alternatively, sender can also choose to drop off his parcel at our SP station and have us deliver directly to receiver's address, or receiver may choose to collect it from our SP station instead.

  • Do I need to print out my Consignment Note or anything to accompany my parcel?
Not at all. Just show our courier personnel or outlet staff the QR code that your received when you completed your order. They will print out a shipping label and paste it on your parcel for you.



  • Can I ship more than 1 parcel to the same address?
Yes you can. We accept multiple parcels to a single recipient at the same address.

  • Will I be compensated if my parcel is lost or damaged in transit?
Yes, our maximum liability is RM200 per Consignment or the value of the consigned shipment, whichever is lesser. For more information, please refer to our Service Terms & Conditions: Notification and claim for Loss and Damage Shipment here and No liability and/or limited liability here.

  • If I cancel my order will I get a refund?
Yes, provided your cancellation is made before 2pm on the same day of pick up. The amount will be credited back into your account within 14 working days. For more information, kindly refer to our Service Terms & Conditions: Refund Policy here.

  • How can I know the status of my shipment?
Kindly enter your consignment note (CN) number into the Track My Parcel search box on the home page. You can also ask our customer service at 012-4298650

  • If the status is Out For Delivery (OFD), what time will my shipment arrive?
Generally speaking, that would mean delivery should be made to you on that day sometime between 8.30am and 6pm.

  • What happens if there is no one at home to accept the delivery?
Contact us before our courier personnel is on the way to your delivery address to instruct us on what you would like us to do. If it is too late for that, we will re-attempt delivery the following business day. If the parcel is still undelivered after 3 tries, we will return the parcel to the sender. However, you may still contact us at 012 429 8650 or email us at for assistance.



  • How can I make payment?
Corporate clients:
Online banking, cheque and bank draft.

Walk-in customers:
Cash at counter.

  • What does the price I pay include?
The nett price includes Fuel and Handling surcharge.
**We will inform you once our company has registered under Sales and Service Tax.



  • How do I make a claim?
For lost cases, please report to XendNow within 14 days of the delivered date. For damage cases, please report to XendNow within 24 hours from the delivered date. You may also contact us at +6012 429 8650 and email us at that you wish to make a claim and clearly state the reason. For more info, kindly refer to our Service Terms & Conditions: Notification and claim for Loss and Damage Shipment here and No liability and/or limited liability here.

  • Is there anything that could invalidate my claim?
  • Do I need to retain the damaged shipment for which I want to submit a claim?
Yes you do. We may need the shipment (including its packaging) for inspection. You must retain any damaged item, packaging, and all contents until the claim is resolved. Kindly refer to XENDNOW SERVICE T&C (Clause 16: Notification and claim for Loss and Damage Shipment).


  • How should I package my item?
Kindly refer to our Packaging Guidelines here.
Cick here for tips on how to package your valuables.

  • What are maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?
Each parcel should not exceed the scale weight of 30kg or with a single dimension in excess of 150cm.

  • How should I label my shipment?
You don't need to. Just fill up your shipping details online or at the counter and hand over your parcel to our courier personnel or outlet staff and they will label it for you.


  • What is XendCredit?
XendCredit is a prepaid account in which you can store your money (which will be converted into credit) for any future online transaction with us. Besides faster and smoother transactions, XendCredit also lets you pay for your purchases with us at lower prices. More on XendCredit here.

  • What is the top up minimum amount?
RM10 is the minimum value that you can top up.

  • Will my credit blance be forfeited if I do not use it all up after a period of time?
There is no expiration date imposed on your credit balance. However, from time to time we will have Special Promotions that may allow you to save even more than you normally would with your XendCredit package for a limited time. Once the promotion is over, normal rates will apply to any unused credit in your account.

  • Can I withdraw my money if I do not want to continue using XendNow delivery service?
Yes. You may withdraw the balance after one month from the date of your top up.

  • Can I sell or transfer the credit amount in my XendCredit account? Can I sell my account?
The credit amount in your XendCredit account or your account cannot be resold, exchanged or transferred for value under any circumstances. XendCredit shall not be regarded, construed, or used as valuable or exchangeable instruments under any circumstances.

  • How can I check the credit balance in XendCredit account?
To view the balance in your account, login and it will appear on the top right corner of your screen.

  • How come my credit balance has been deducted?
Your credit amount was probably deducted due to one or more of the following reasons:
i) A surcharge had to be applied for the misdeclared weight during checkout;
ii) We had to apply a surcharge to repack your parcel;
iii) We had to apply a surcharge to reroute your delivery to another area per your request;
iv) Surcharge was applied because managing your delivery required unexpected additional labour or usage of equipment not included in our standard service level.
Please note: Customers will be notified by XendNow via email on any deduction for one or more of the reasons above. In the event customers find that there was no cause whatsoever for deduction, kindly notify our customer service immediately at 6012 429 8650 or email We will investigate the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How come my shipment discount rate changed after I made a top up?
Your shipment discount rate will automatically change when you top up an amount that is applicable for a discount under our various XendCredit discount packages. Example: When you top up RM3,000, you will automatically enjoy Platinum level shipping discount until you have a credit balance of RM400. However, in your next top up, if you credit RM1,000 into your account, then automatically the VIP discount package will apply. For more info, please refer to our XendCredit discount packages here.